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Inspections Services

Protecting Lives and Property

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Fire System Inspections

Fire System Inspections

The proper design and installation of fire protection and other life safety systems is the first step in protecting lives and property.

Property owners and property managers must also ensure that the building’s fire protection and life safety systems are functioning properly. Houston Fire Protection Services offers a wide range of inspection services to meet our customers’ needs. Houston Fire Protection Services offers the following services:​​

  • Inspection & Testing of Addressable/Analog Fire Alarm Systems

  • Programming for a variety of alarm systems

  • Servicing of all fire alarm devices

  • Central Station Monitoring of fire alarm systems

  • Testing & certification of Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Inspection & Testing of Water Based Fire Protection Suppression Systems

  • Fire Pump Testing

  • Inspection & Testing of Special Hazards Suppression Systems

  • Inspection & Testing of Fire Extinguishers

  • Identification of Manufacturer’s Recall Sprinkler Heads (VRP)

Extinguisher Inspection

Houston Fire Protection Services is a leading inspection and testing provider for portable fire extinguishers. Our skilled inspectors and service technicians are state-licensed, and always equipped to serve. Our comprehensive training program affords our personnel the ability to identify all hazard types and the appropriate means of adequate protection. Portable fire extinguishers are vitally important as a first line of defense to cope with fires of limited size. They are required even if the property is equipped with automatic sprinklers, water standpipe, and hose, or other fixed fire protection equipment.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you from initial placement and installation to evaluating existing operations/hazards and matching not only the proper agent type, flow rates, etc., but equally important, assisting you with the appropriate selection of firefighting equipment. We will assist you in selecting from hand-held portable fire extinguishers, wheeled extinguishers and cartridge operated extinguishers to large skid-mounted dry chemical suppression systems, once again matching your specific hazard types with the correct fire fighting equipment. Our inspection and service teams go beyond “just hanging the tag” and will provide consultative services, ensuring that you have the proper coverage.

Fire Extinguisher
fire sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Houston Fire Protection Services provides fire sprinkler system inspection and testing services for all types of fire sprinkler systems based on the requirements of NFPA 25 and industry best practices. Periodic sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance meeting the minimum requirements of the NFPA 25 standard are critically important to ensure water-based fire protection systems work as intended when called upon. These mechanical systems suffer wear and tear issues just as any other building systems and Houston Fire Protection Services standardized processes and procedures will increase the reliability of systems while helping owners to plan maintenance issues to reduce spend as opposed to dealing with more costly repairs that tend to pop up as emergency issues.

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